Amazing Christmas Ideas


In 15 days we will be celebrating Christmas. Today I’ll give you some tips on how you will impress your friends and your loved ones with these Amazing Christmas Ideas.

christmas card

Christmas greetings or cards will work.
Giving a Christmas letter to a friend would be one of the best ideas you could ever have. It will make your friend happy and comfortable, believing that you haven’t forget him/her and that, you are still with your friend ’til the end. What are you waiting for? Get an ordinary card, start designing and fill the content with your loveable words.

christmas presentChristmas presents.
Here in the Philippines, exchanging of Christmas presents is common and the best way to celebrate Christmas. Sometimes, exchanging of presents is done in the public and others do it in their classrooms or their places. This activity is a bit fun and if you are interested, how about organize a party that will lure your friends and your relatives to join this brilliant party you have in mind. You can also give a Christmas present to someone directly if you wish. If you don’t have money in the pocket, you can wrap an old material that is very meaningful to you and just believe that your friend will like it.

Christmas to the poorGive to the poor.
Another way of spending Christmas is by giving to the poor. It will lift your inner spirituality up and it will make you feel ease on the inside. Giving to the poor isn’t really that hard. Just give a penny and smile. If you received a thank you, it’s simple yet meaningful. Christmas is all about giving and sharing, not taking and receiving. Although it seems unfair that you only give and give but think on the bright side, you are helping a person and making him feel that the essence of Christmas is not only for those people who have money, but also for the homeless.

Christmas FamilySpend Christmas with your family.
This is but the best idea of spending your Christmas. If you feel like you don’t like your family much on the past few months, you can think of reconciling. Your presence means a lot to your family, trust me. Here in the Philippines, family is priority. We live at the same house, we share the same problem, and we work as a team. Give your family time to enjoy together with you. Make them laugh, prepare some food, and give chocolates or pennies to the kids living in your house. If you are planning to spend your time with your family, just make the most of it.

Two twin little sister girls whisper in the ear, outdoor on green park

Tell your friend about your previous experience.
Telling a friend about what you did last Christmas is a bit fun. Tell your friend the first time you celebrated Christmas together, how you played in snow, the way you design your Christmas tree, what your friend looks like when he dances and celebrates, everything. Tell jokes about your memories together and tell him/her that you still care and you still want to spend Christmas with him/her. That would be a great idea.

Christmas Olaf

Dress as a snowman or Santa Clause and make everyone laugh.
Of course telling a joke is fun. How about relating your joke to Christmas? There are lots of jokes you can find in the internet about Christmas, try it! It would be a great idea to come out with. Be the center of attraction and impress everyone just like what Olaf did in the movie and he made every kid love him.

Now what you are waiting for? Bring this ideas to your life and celebrate Christmas in many ways excitingly. Get up and do what you have to.


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